We Believe

We are a team of architects working together from Caracas for 25 years. We have participated in many Social Housing and Upgrading of Informal Settlements projects, working with clients that traditionally do not hire architectural services, and we have learned a lot from them.

  • Good design it is not a luxury, it not depends on the materials used or the size of the building.

  • Contrary to commonly assumed, when architects are involved in the project, the building is cheaper, not more costly.

  • Little details, as the position on one door, a window or a stair could have huge impact in people’s quality of life.

  • To properly answer to the requests of each client, it is important to listen carefully.

  • We love beautiful buildings, but we are no artists. The building belongs to each client and we owe to his demands.

  • Using cutting edge technology we can work and communicate fluently, attending to a broader customer base.