Our Services

We can develop customized solutions at affordable fees because we follow a clear and transparent process.

4, 8, 12 or 24 hours combos  guarantee an efficient professional response and clear accounts!!!

Once each case is understood, we recommend one of the services, and the amount of fees is definite. What is included in each one?


4 hours

This super compact version of professional services is appropriate to solve specific problems, such as determining whether a building or space is suitable for a specific use, knowing how much construction area fits in a site, or to assess whether the services of an architect are necessary, as it was done in these cases. It includes a one-hour meeting for the understanding of the problem and receiving the available information, two hours of office work, and a final meeting for delivery.



8 hours

For simple problems, quick and concrete solutions. Eight hours may be enough to propose what to do with one room, modify a small apartment or to adjust the distribution of an office. It can be ready in two to three business days. Such situations require an hour to the understanding of the problem, four to assess the possibilities, a meeting for the presentation, and other two for making adjustments and deliver the drawings.



12 hours

With twelve hours of work it can be found solutions to most problems in existing homes. To make an addition, to redistribute an apartment or an office, or define a new building finishes are services we can provide in this format. Here two hours are devoted to the initial meetings for understanding the situation, six to develop alternative solutions, two to the review of the proposals, and two more to make of the adjustments  and to finish the drawings.



24 hours

For more complex cases, such as the design of a small new house, the equipment of a medium size office, the construction of an addition to an existing home, or the completion of a community project, more hours of dedication are needed. In this case two hours are dedicated to the understanding of the problem ten to the initial approach, eight to two repetitions in the review and adjustment of the proposals, and the last four to the preparation of handout.



What if the issue is more complicated? For houses with a large surface, or cases in which details and special finishes are required, we can dedicate the necessary time, combining, for example, a 12 with a 24 hours combo. It is also possible to arrange a service estimating any needed dedication. Examples of + hours services.