How it works?

We want fruitful and fluid relationships with our clients, avoiding dissatisfaction and tensions that often occur when hiring an architect. It is then important that we pay attention to understand in detail the project requirements, but also that the scope of our services is well understood by the client.

Four stages with clearly defined goals and times!!!


In the initial contact between the owners and the designer, the idea is to know the working place and the specific user requirements. It may be an interview at our offices or a conversation on Skype. Ideally, all the people involved participate, we are showed plans and pictures of the place, and we learn about the ideas that have already been evaluated, and about dreams that could seem impossible. According to the results, and the possibilities, it may be advisable to visit or surveying the site.




Based on the information received, a proposal is made. Often it includes several options and it is very likely that after understanding all the details new opportunities could arise and also that for meeting the expectations may be necessary to compromise. Draft plans are prepared for discussion with the client.




We meet again with the client, to explain the proposals that then can be evaluated. We suggest a very brief first meeting to show the possible solutions, followed by an interval so that the client can consider them without pressure. Later, we have another session, to explain the details, to evaluate the alternatives and to suggest adjustments.




We make the adjustments needed to comply with the previous stage agreements, and deliver the final drawings.