Why is it profitable to involve an architect in the project?

Each spatial problem has several possible solutions, not all equally advantageous. Evaluating the possibilities before construction can get significant savings in resources and time. Architects are trained to quickly propose and evaluate several possibilities.

Are the projects designed by an architect more expensive?

This is a common question, the truth is that once the work begins any mistake or change is more expensive than a good project. Having a project done by an qualified professional give the advantage of seeing and analyzing various possibilities or different responses to your needs so that your decision is based on concrete data before starting the work. This keeps costs under control.

Only fancy or big projects are worth of an architect?

Because usually only affluent people hire the services of an architect, often we are associated with expensive and luxurious projects. Design quality depends neither on the cost of materials nor the size of the building. Often the efficient use of available space and the creative use of simple materials achieve significant savings.

What is the difference between a drawing and a project?

A project is a window to the future, a forecast of what the building might be. This vision is presented in a drawing. Our job is not only to draw up, but to assess the possibilities and find the best one.

What are the renders?

The renderings show a very realistic view of what the building or space will look like, so they are suitable for understanding the projects. They are useless, however, to guide the construction process, which requires detailed drawings.

Why do not include structural and other calculations in the projects?

Calculations of structure and installations are performed by specialized professionals, who work in teams with architects. For many simple constructions such calculations are not needed and contractors have the experience to work without them. If in one case they are needed, we provide this service.

Do architects define the style of my house?

We believe that style and the specific characteristics of each house must be chosen by its owners. According to the requirements of each case, we can design just a layout, suggest materials and finishes or also advise on the most suitable style.

Why fees are not calculated per m2 ?

For many small cases the building area does not make a significant difference in the amount of work involved or the number of drawings required. As we believe in efficiency and care for the pockets of our customers, does not seem fair to associate our fees to the construction area. That is why we prefer working hourly.

What is the workflow?

Each case and client are unique, but the process to ensure total satisfaction is not. We therefore propose well-defined services, each tailored to certain needs. The unit of measurement is not the square footage but the hours of dedication. Many of these hours are spent interacting with the clients to properly understand their requirements.

What if we do not like the design?

Although the process is designed to adapt the solution to the needs and tastes of our customers, we cannot guarantee total satisfaction. Final payment is not dependent on the acceptance of the drawings, but on they correctly completed.

Do you have model homes to show?

We can show our portfolio of projects, but we believe that every case is different and deserve particular attention, so we have no typical solutions.

Do you to visit the working site?

We believe that the communication tools currently available help us understand the places without going there, and partly because of it we can offer affordable services. However, if the land is located near our offices one visit is included on some services.

Is it essential to have drawings of the site?

The more detailed and reliable the survey or drawings of the house or site, the better the chances that the final design can be constructed smoothly and without changes. If the customer is willing to take the risk of having to modify the project later, we can work with approximate measurements. We can also supply the service of surveying.