Are you our client?

There are probably things you would like to improve at your home or your business. But the space is small, resources are limited and you do really not need anything too fancy. The architects are expensive, and your case is ultimately too simple.

You are among the 99 % of people who are never serviced by architects.
You are our client!!!
What is your case?

I ‘m getting married and been given part of my parents’ house for ours first home.

With a small investment, can I rent the annex and retire?

I would want to build an additional floor. It is safe to build? Where to locate the stairs?

Another child on the way, where to put the nursery?

My children are growing, they need individual bedrooms.

I’ll invest in land , what can I built in it ?

Can I build an annex for my mother ?

I have a project but we not love it I have doubts.

I bought a townhouse but I have to do the finishing and the bathrooms. I need to see the possibilities I have for my budget.

It is a very steep terrain, how to locate the access?

The kitchen is not functional; we would want a more social atmosphere because I like cooking with friends.

We need a barbecue, without destroying the garden.

I need a good walk-in closet in the bedroom.

Since my house needs repairs… could I get an extra room and a more usable garden …

I’m thinking about selling the apartment, Can I get more for it if is improved?

I live in a condominium and we want to make better use of common areas.