Why for the 99%

99%Architects only get involved in the design of 3% of all buildings in the world. So a small contribution from professionals who are dedicated to build. We only participate on large or luxury buildings. Maybe that’s why many believe that after hiring an architect the building automatically becomes expensive or complicated.

We look around and see uncomfortable stairs, windowless bedrooms, waiting rooms just in the middle of the step and bathrooms whose doors do not open. All situations that architects are trained to solve. All circumstances whit simple and inexpensive solutions. And no one thinks about calling an architect.

It’s frustrating to see so much in what we might be useful, so much work to do, so many unresolved issues. And at the same time, there are many architects lacking projects. What are we doing wrong? Why people do not turn to us as as they do to doctors or lawyers?

Can architecture be as affordable as other service professions?

We believe it is possible, and therefore we propose architecture for the 99% , a way of working that makes it possible to many, hopefully most people, use our services. Our proposal is based on a clear process in which the emphasis on understand well the user and place and in using efficiently the technology available.

As most of the work we do is related to large and complex buildings, we tend to think that architects are expensive, when the truth is that many cases can be set in a few hours if using the right methodology. That is why we organize short-term services.

As architects are often confused with artists, they do not pay enough attention to the desires and needs of users, resulting in dissatisfied customers, discarded or repeated projects and wasted time. All our services give preponderance to understand the situation before proposing solutions, making total satisfaction much more likely.

In the section “Are you our client?” we expose many common situations in which we can be useful. “How do we work?” explains the steps of a successful project, and in “Our Services”, there are hours combos to suit different situations.

The examples of success stories that we publish show that it is possible to achieve functional and pleasant spaces, happy customers and of course, architects rewarded with the joy of serving society. To the whole of it to the 99% .

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