A new interior garden


The double height and little more than 4 square meters patio, allows the natural light into the center of the house, near the stairs. One day, a drainage problem made the wall´s finished to fall out, so they call us to say what to do.

We started by looking at pictures of details they like: fewer plants than before, maybe a fountain. They had a virgin they would want to put there. There was a drainage register to keep, and the slopes should go there. They needed a good place for the bromeliad, easy to maintain and change. Ahh, and also, please, do not let the earth to be seen.

Aleluya dibujo 2Aleluya 3d-vista1We made hand drawings to represent the owner’s wishes, and later formal ones for the builder. A fake column made space for a new drainage pipe, and new electricity. To avoid the material to fall again in the future, thin concrete bands where put among the ceramic tiles.

We suggested exterior materials: colored clay shavings, cutter stones and boulder.

I believe the statue is happy in her new patio!!!




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