A super compact kitchen

It was a small new apartment with an owner with doubts about the layout of furniture and appliances.

Which could be the most comfortable layout? Are the water and electricity in the adequate locations? How to make the space to look bigger?


Cocina-mediciones3We received pictures of the walls, where the client indicated the location of water and electricity. It was a very practical and clear way of sending information. Also we got the apartment layout and the dimensions of the already bought appliances.

It was more than enough materials to produce, in very few hours, tree options. In them we played with the location of the bigger appliances: the refrigerator, the kitchen and the washing/drying machine.



Option 1, suggested by the owner. To avoid a narrow entrance, the refrigerator is located near the living room, hiding the view between both spaces.


Option 2, suggested by the builders. The refrigerator near the main door allows a fluid space among the kitchen and living room, but the entrance is indeed narrow.


Option 3: the perfect compromise. Interchanging the refrigerator and washing machine both the entrance and the living room are free and fluid.




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