Familiy inn: more or less like this

We met a young couple, from Cariaco a town to the East of Venezuela, through this blog created to find the small builder who has never before worked with an architect, and support his activity.

They own a small lot, distant a 40 minutes ride from Cariaco and wished to build a small inn for tourists to enjoy this beautiful area. They work in the capital Caracas, in the family business, dedicated to install balcony windows. They began building a wall surrounding the lot and foundations for the first rooms, planning to spend more time in their hometown to run the inn.

They decided to look for help after a strong rain flooded their lot. Maybe it was a lucky incident, since otherwise they would have continued investing on rooms that would bring future problems with their guests, and frequent repairs.

They estimated around 15 rooms, a pool and the family’s quarters. The enthusiast Hilda had gathered sample photographs of pools and rooms she would like for her inn.

Mas o menos-ideas

Mas o menos-ideas1On a trip to Cariaco they measured the lot and brought back length and width. We assumed a rectangular plot and proceeded to draw some sketches, but warned the couple that even if the land appeared rectangular and flat, the existence of a nearby creek made it necessary to make a topographic layout. It is required for the storm water drain system, which will be an important part of the layout.

It was difficult to find a topographer to survey the land. When they finally had the survey, the outline was not a rectangle but more similar to a triangle. We had to modify the ideas  to adapt to the real plot. It was necessary to raise the floor level for the room decks, the parking lot access and disposition and also the service areas were integrated to the pool building.

Mas o menos-Terrenos

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