When the solution is not obvious


Sometimes the best solution seems crazy, at least at first glance. It’s what our clients thought when we proposed how to face the problems of this apartment, with a gorgeous view, and a terrible layout..

Despite its generous area of almost 100 m2, the apartment had only two rooms, both narrow and very long. The living room, virtually a corridor, had just over two meters and a half wide. The kitchen, with lots of unused area was narrow and dark.
We were requested to take advantage of the view, integrate the kitchen with the living room, and improve the bedrooms, especially the main one, that had only a tiny closet..

After receiving the drawing representing the initial situation, and once studied the pictures of dark spaces, we evaluated the obvious solution: to demolish the wall between the living room and kitchen. This of course extended the space, but keeping the laundry room closed, it was impossible to improve the view..

Inusual- Primera


Inusual- Inclinada

It was time for unconventional solutions, we tried not perpendicular walls, and found that this way the space stretched out, integrating the kitchen to the social areas and maintaining the laundry closed. We send the proposal by mail, and got a quick response:.

“What are you thinking? This is insane.”

We explained the advantages of the proposal, without much success.

The next day, the angle digested, we received approval to complete the project. The bedroom area was much less controversial: relocating some walls, and without affecting facilities, we generated a den and walk in closet for the master bedroom, now smaller but much more functional and proportionate..

Inusual- Final

During the construction we had to make some adjustments to adapt the project to major pipelines that could not be relocated, requiring a few additional hours of counseling. The finishes and furniture design were chosen by the owner along with the contractor..

Although sometimes the obvious solutions are the best, it is not always the case. A consultation with a professional can multiply the options, ensuring that the end result will be optimal.The before and after pictures show how it is possible to expand a space if all the elements are organized in an suitable way, which is not always apparent at first glance.

Inusual- Vista4

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